A Golden Stag

Ein Goldener Hirsch
The golden stag is a nod to the forest that once covered Schöneberg. - <em>by SL Wong</em>


This magnificent golden statue of a stag is perched high up on a column. The column is part of an eponymous fountain that dates back to the 1910s. The whole anchors the charming eastern end of the Rudolph-Wilde Park in the locality of Schöneberg. The deer is a nod to the heraldic charge found on the locality’s coat of arms (below), but assumes a more peaceful stance than the aggressive rampant attitude of the latter. Both recall the forest that covered the locality until the 19th century.

Coat of arms of Schoeneberg - Paul Egeling [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The coat of arms of Schöneberg is a golden shield featuring three mountains (Schöneberg being ‘beautiful mountain’), red deer and a pine tree. – Paul Egeling [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Experienced: 07.04.2010 || Recounted: 21.11.2014 Click here for bigger map
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