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How is news packaged for the U-Bahn's captive readership? - <em>by SL Wong</em>

How is news packaged for the U-Bahn’s captive readership?

Malaysia doesn’t make it to the news very often in Berlin, especially the news digests that flash on the little U-Bahn (the underground) video screens.

(Well, the annual Formula 1 Malaysia Grand Prix is the exception, but there’s nothing particularly Malaysian about that.)

In fact, I remember only two times that Malaysia featured on our local U8 train line screens. The first was the 2009 Syariah Court sentencing of a Muslim model to be caned for drinking beer, and the second, the 2010 shooting of a tiger.

And those “Malaysian stories” summed up the country for Berlin’s train commuters. ω

Experienced: 20.08.2009 || Recounted: 12.06.2014 Click here for bigger map
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